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Welcome to J Brindon Addy

“Let us show you what your taste-buds were meant for!”

The arrival of ready meals and vacuum-packed meat on supermarkets’ shelves means your taste-buds expect bland, tasteless food.  When you experience dishes made from natural ingredients – ingredients nurtured and prepared by professionals to ensure optimum taste and succulence – the difference is startling.

Here at J. Brindon Addy, Master Butchers and Graziers, we exercise our years of knowledge to bring you meat that’s been hand-picked from local farms and providers for its extremely high quality.  Our beef, for example, is matured for 21 days in our on-site, state-of-the art, maturation fridge which dry-ages each individual fibre, bringing a remarkable difference in taste when it’s cooked and on your dinner plate.

J. Brindon Addy are award-winning butchers, and members of the Q Guild.  We’re more than happy to share our knowledge, imparting cooking tips and recipe advice to help make your family tea or dinner party a meal never to be forgotten.

At J. Brindon Addy we also make our own pies, pasties and more, and stock a plethora of accompaniments, such as marinades and preserves.  Once tasted, our quality meat and mouth-watering produce will have you coming back for more.  J. Brindon Addy offer continual promotions, so make sure you visit the website often for details of all current offers and our latest tantalising recipe.  To ensure you don’t miss out, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or sign up for our newsletter and receive £5 off your next purchase over £25.Best Butchers Shop Awards 2016

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