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Dry-ageing is a method used generations ago to ensure meat was tender and juicy. 

Through intense consumerism and time-saving processes, we expect our food to be on shops’ shelves as soon as it is harvested.  Supermarkets have to keep their margins as high as possible, so the cost of storing meat and the labour involved to allow it dry-age naturally isn’t appealing to them.  And because we are the ones who buy these meat cuts, that have barely had time to sit in their plastic trays and cling-film before they’re in the oven, most retailers don’t see any reason to change things.  Money talks.

J. Brindon Addy takes a more holistic view.  Dry-ageing makes for tastier meat, and it’s our award-winning produce that brings our customers back, so dry-ageing – for us – is on the menu.  We have our own, on-site maturation fridge that lets carcasses hang freely in a controlled environment.  Optimum conditions for dry-ageing include substantial fat marbling in the meat a constant temperature and the correct humidity. 

The most crucial ingredient in the dry-ageing process is an experienced butcher, because the process of dry-ageing certainly isn’t easy. 

But, by ‘eck, it’s worth it.


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