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Lamb Henry

Pork Chop

Loin of Pork

Brisket and Beer

Roast Rib of Yorkshire Beef

Rack of Lamb


Topside of Beef

The Haggis

Top side of beef

Cooking Haggis is quite a caper,

Wrap him first in Tinfoil paper,

Then of course you really oughter,

Have a pot of boiling water

Into which you softly place

This chieftain of  “a” the pudding race

Turn the gas a little dimmer

For thirty minuets gently simmer

Then serve him steaming hot and frisky

With turnip and a Glass of Whisky.

A word of warning ere you feast

The Haggis is a gentle beast

Simmer gently as we said at first,

Or the skin you’ll surely burst!!!!!!!!!


1 Haggis